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Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Trailer for Easter Sunday Walk in New England Wood, Cuckfield

On Sunday 4th April, the Mid Sussex Ramblers have a walk through New England Wood. The walk is entitled "Wood Anemones" and was submitted months ago. This day I checked out how the cold winter and late spring had affected the wood anemones' flowering time. Most flowers have yet to emerge or are just emerging, as the above and below pictures show.
By Sunday week, the day of the walk, the woods should be a blaze of dazzling white flowers.
So the timing of this walk looks to be just about perfect for optimal wood anemone displays.
Sometimes you have to be lucky!
Click on any picture to expand it.
Dog's Mercury, Mercurialis perennis is flowering now.
The male and female flowers are on separate plants, so bring a hand lens to inspect them perhaps, if you join us on this walk.

Primroses are already a lovely sight.And this snow or gale fallen pussy willow tree was looking especially beautiful this day.
I hope to see you on the 4th April for this short walk!
For a longer walk join Sue and Paul for an 8 miles Downs walk from Lewes.
Details for both walks are at

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