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Thursday, 4 March 2010

Electrocution risks in Sri Lanka

Across the Mahaweli river in Kandy is a roosting site for fruit bats.
They are safe there.
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They are also safe in their hundreds in the magnificent botanical garden in Kandy.
This bird is safe too, perched on the live or neutral high tension electricity cable.
Bats try the same trick too... and come to a sparky end when they straddle
the live and neutral cables.
You see electrocuted bats hanging everywhere.
And now for this "Jewel of Sri Lanka" near Adam's Peak.
The light switch for the bathroom is next to the sink.
A deathtrap was exposed live wiring for a shower head water heater
inches from the water flow to one's head and just a couple of inches from the temperature control
In addition there was an electrical socket on the wall next to the shower.
Luckily we were not electrocuted.
And neither were others from the HF holiday to whom we offered our bathroom,
as they had no water at all in their rooms.
Neither did we burn to death as there was no fire escape.

The third guest in our room sadly did not survive the night -- falling victim to my boot.
RIP little cockroach. Sorry.

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