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Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Tony's 8.5 miles walk on Ashdown Forest

When the weather forecast is for rain and more rain, a walk leader might hope that no sane person would choose to venture out in such inclement weather. No such luck for Tony.
Mid Sussex Ramblers turned out despite the rain, as you can see.

There were no Llamas in Christopher Robin's days.
We stopped for a pleasant picnic - in the rain - in the clump of pines at Gills Lap.
The scenery was fabulous; fabulously hidden by clouds!
It did stop raining for a bit - otherwise it was a bit like Eeyore's gloomy place.
Tony unfortunately suffered a painful ankle injury. He was persuaded to go to the pub
and William lead us across bog and moor in swirling clouds and rain.
It could have been Scotland it was that good!
We all wish Tony a speedy recovery and thank him for a lovely walk - except for the rain.
It was warm rain though - so quite okay.

Click on this picture for a better view of Eeyore.
He is the one on the right - never happier than when he is miserable!
Good old Eeyore some say!

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