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Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Cuckfield CAKE walk, 5.5 miles

With above average temperatures for late October of 18C, 38 happy ramblers enjoyed this short walk lead by me - starting at the memorial to Gideon Mantell in Cuckfield.Click on any picture to expand it.

After walking through New England Wood we headed off, via the churchyard to the CAKE.

On the way we passed what looked like emerging Parasol fungi (which are delicious to eat) or what might be Freckled Dapperling (which are mildly poisonous). I have eaten both and don't recommend the latter. Caution is advised!

The above picture was taken on Friday 30th October, three days later.
The parasol shapes of what might be shaggy parasol mushrooms are emerging.
To eat or not to eat - that is the question.
A Dundee cake and a chocolate cake - skillfully cut - can feed 38 ramblers with some to spare!
Gloria is making a rapid recovery after her knee joint replacement surgery. Thank you Gloria for making the chocolate cake and for preparing all the drinks.

The walk from Cuckfield took us through Blunts Wood and Paiges meadow....
...and on to the beech woods to the north.
Thank you all for coming. If you are tempted to join us on future walks, click here for details of future Mid Sussex Ramblers' (MSR) events.

Don't miss the exciting SOLENT WAY, a 60 miles walk through history at the MSR AGM
with famous guest speaker.

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