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Tuesday 16 June 2009

Some views of HF holiday walks in Tuscany

The happy HF holiday walkers arrive at one of many hill villages. This being Italy, the bars were closed on Mondays and in the heat of the day before 15.30hr. Since I put on 1Kg, despite the walking, perhaps that was no bad thing.
What follows is a few pictures from a week in Tuscany. Click on any one to expand it, especially the panoramic shots, which were stitched with Autostitch.
See for more info' on HF holidays.
HH, famous German poet stayed in a hotel on the hill above Bangni di Lucca.

Bagni di Lucca claims to have the first casino in the world, catering to Europe's aristocracy and English and German poets and writers amongst others.

This appears to be a Broomrape - a saprophytic plant feeding on the roots of trees and having no leaves or chlorophyll. They were common next to many of the paths.

Hooded crows were flying around Bagni di Lucca and here feeding in the river bed outside of the hotel
A view of Hotel Corona used by HF Holidays in Bagni di Lucca.
What a couple of beauties.

Click on the above panorama to expand it.
Dorothy, our HF walk leader at a village communal clothes washing area.
A fragrant smelling orchid.

Juniper in its natural habitat.
Derek by a great mullein.

Beech forest.
Hellebores and Aquilegias grew widely in these forests.

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