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Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Eric & Celia's 11.5 miles circular - Wey & Arun Canal

This walk was from the Mid Sussex Ramblers' program of walks, ably lead by Eric & Celia.
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The area was inundated by Giant Hogweed, which was introduced from the Caucasus in the mid-19th century.
Its sap can cause blistering in the presence of sunlight.

We also happily strolled past what might have been Hemlock Water-dropwort, which is a very poisonous plant if eaten. And it is easily mistaken for wild celery or parsnip. According to John Akeroyd's Encyclopedia of wild flowers, "It is probably best to avoid eating all members of the carrot family, many of which , like the fungi, can be difficult to tell apart."


Wild oats in a field of wheat.
Thanks Eric and Celia for a fascinating walk and a 5 star service of afternoon tea afterwards - setting a new standard for our group to follow perhaps?

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