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Sunday 21 June 2009

Kittiwake Spectacle; Seaford to East Dean, 9 miles walk

This walk started in Seaford, after taking the bus from East Dean and walking back there via Seaford head, where we watched nesting Kittiwakes and cormorants. 

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The views of the Seven Sisters chalk cliffs from this path are uplifting."Sussexrambler" reverses direction for an action shot for Tony, Mid Sussex Rambler's web master

On this day, the tide being in, we walked up the river and over the road bridge.

Yellow horned poppies growing on the perilous cliff edge.

One of the Tapsell gates, which pivot on a central pinion allowing pall bearers to easily enter the churchyard. Tapsell was the blacksmith who made the gates.

Pyramidal orchid on the approach to East Dean from Friston church.

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Anonymous said...

Great photos - have identified three as follows -
Tall Yellow Clusters - Wild Mignonette - Reseda lutea
Small Blue Trumpet - Bellflower Family - Harebell - Campanula rotundifolia
White clusters like Meadowsweet - Dropwort - Filipendula vulgaris


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