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Monday, 23 April 2018

An "Early-purple Orchid walk" from Hurstpierpoint to Wolstonbury Hill in West Sussex, yesterday.

 At about six and a half miles, this is a lovely walk at any time of year and especially now as Early-purple Orchids are flowering.  Start at Trinity Road car park, grid reference (GR) TQ282165 and from the High Street walk into West Furlong Lane for some hundred meters or so to the second footpath off to the right.  At GR TQ281159 go over a stile and eventually at GR TQ283155 to have the view below.  A Roman road runs alone the tree line.
 At the tree line turn right along the edge of the field to Bedlam Street.
Bluebell wood

 At the end of Bedlam Street GR TQ279154, turn left and pass Randolph's farm

 After Randolph's farm there are great views of Wolstonbury Hill as you go along the bridal path to pass through Randolph's copse.
 Either side of the bridal way are Early-purple Orchids. TQ278147

 And Twayblades were also emerging.

 After Foxhole Cottages keep on the bridal way to Wolstonbury Hill.
It was a warm day and the cattle were sheltering from the heat amongst the trees.  On this day we walked along the base of the hill going east and joined the bridle path through the beech wood.

 Emerging from the woods are views of the Jack & Jill windmills.
 A crab apple flowering now.
 And although the blackthorn blossom was almost finished, a hoverfly was feeding on the flowers.

 We passed the dewpond with no signs yet of dragonfly or damselflies.
 Wellcombe Bottom had earlier been very well mown by the National Trust.  Thanks Graham: good job!
 Consequently the primroses and emerging Twayblades stood out without competing tall vegetation.
More Twayblades.
We returned past Coldharbour Farm and Ockenden's wood to New Way Lane and then the footpath through Danny park to Tott farm and back to Hurstpierpoint: a lovely walk.
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