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Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Gardening in shade: brightening a shaded path with Ransoms, wild garlic, which is good for wild bees too.

The path above, in West Sussex, England was boring before wild garlic seeds were added.  Ransoms or wild garlic, Allium ursinum has lovely white flowers at this time of year.
Add a few raw flower florets to a bowl of vegetable soup and the explosion of taste is spectacular -- if you like garlic.
The leaves are attractive yet beware -- the plant is invasive.  To check its spread, I run a rotary lawn mower over the flowers before final seed set and compost the leaves in a wild part of the garden.
 It was chilly yesterday, less than 10C and Osmia bicornis a Red Mason bee was feeding on the flowers.

Red Mason bees fly March to July and are economically important as a pollinator of fruit trees and oil-seed rape.

The extraordinary lives of wild bees and the important role of gardeners in their survival. 
is one of my illustrated talks.  Please see for details.

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