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Thursday 31 May 2012

Common Spotted-orchids in Sussex today.

Dactylorihiza fuchsii, the Common Spotted-orchid is coming into flower now.  The above and below pictures are from the South Downs today.

Plants in a woodland setting in Sussex are also beginning to flower.
Sheltered from the prevailing wind and shadowed by the tree canopy, the woodland specimens are much taller than the exposed ones on the Downs.
Common...and spotted, they may be.... but they are surely beautiful.
*Footnote added 2nd June.  No need to leave Haywards Heath town centre to see Common-spotted orchids.  From South Road enter St Wilfred's church graveyard and there are some fine specimens in the "wild meadow" 10m. or so from the gate on your left.  The path is wheelchair accessible.

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