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Monday, 13 February 2012

More path repairs in New England Wood, Cuckfield

It will take more than a little snow and ice to deter John, Carol & Peter (L to R, above), Liz and me from labouring in the woods this day.
Where to start?
A mattock is the perfect tool for John, above and Carol, below to smash their way through the permafrost.

The idea is to increase biodiversity by digging ditches to raise the level of the path, restrict the need to trample plants on an ever-widening boggy path edge and create new wet habitat in the ditches.

The raised path edges are stabilised with logs and pegs cut from the wood.  Then, after trampling down the clay, wood chips are added for the convenience of visitors.

The finished stretch.  What a fine job!  Only a few more miles to go

A ditch across the path should lead water away into the wood.

The following week, another section of boggy path has been upgraded, this time dressed with stone, which was excavated from an old quarry in the wood.

And then the following week, another section started.
How to best surface the clay?  That is the question.

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