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Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Bluebell Walk in Cowdray Forest

Some places are just magical.  And for me, the Cowdray Forest, just north of Balcombe, is one such place.  We are fortunate that the enlightened owners allow us access to enjoy a wide range of forest types.  Starting off at 19.00hr. through copiced chestnut and mature pine forests, 48 walkers then entered a magical birch grove, followed by a steep sided valley with Alder trees lining the stream.  Those in the front watched a roe deer watching us before it dashed away through the birches.
Walking poles can be useful in negotiating a couple of steep ghylls.
This 2.4 miles walk, lasting just 65 minutes, was from the Mid Sussex Ramblers' programme; on this occasion lead by me.
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