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Thursday, 28 February 2008

6.2 miles Circular Walk on Sunday March 2nd from Horsted Keynes

The following, highly informative site,, explains that Horsted Keynes was known in Saxon times simply as Horstead - a place where horses are kept. A Norman baron, Ralph de Cahaignes fought with William at Hastings and acquired the Manor. Horsted then became known as Horsted de Cahaignes, subsequently corrupted to the name today.

This is a pleasant little walk, with some flat sections, but mainly up and down five higher bits to and from Highbrook, lead by me.

We were fortunate with good weather and that our intersections with the Bluebell line, corresponded with the arrival of the trains as you can see. That took some doing! Click on any picture to expand. it.

The Golden Arrow Pullman dining train.

Below are a few pictures from Tuesday 26th March, when I walked out the route for Sunday's MSR walk. Below is the view from Highbrook looking towards the South Downs.

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