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Sunday, 17 February 2008

Circular walk from Devil's Dyke, Sunday 17th February 2008

As part of the Mid Sussex Ramblers' walks program, Phil lead this superb 6.5 miles circular walk from Devil's Dyke in perfect walking weather, via Edburton Hill Motte & Bailey.

According to Wikipedia, the 'motte' in French is a raised earth mound, like a small hill, which was made by local peasants and topped with a wooden or stone keep. The earth for the mound would be taken from a ditch, dug around the motte or around the whole castle. The outer surface of the mound could be covered with clay or strengthened with wooden supports. Bigger castles might have two mottes, as at Lewes Castle.

Such structures were built by the Normans as fortified look out points. The views from this Motte are fabulous as you can see.

Click on any picture to expand it -- especially the panorama of the lovely Sussex Downs.
See for the software behind this panorama
Thanks Phil for a great walk.

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