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Friday, 27 March 2020

7-spot Ladybird on Barren Strawberry, my garden, West Sussex today.

 Another sunny day today and a single 7-spot Ladybird appeared.

Adults hibernate in hollow plant stems and cavities, sometimes clustering together in large numbers. The 7-spot ladybird is also a migratory species: large numbers fly in from the continent every spring, boosting our native population.

The life cycle of a ladybird consists of four phases: the egg; the larval stage, during which the larva undergoes a series of moults; the pupa, in which the larva develops into an adult; and the adult phase, during which the female lays eggs in batches of up to 40.  source; 

 Someone once asked me, "How do you know the names of all these plants?"
The answer is simple: one at a time.  And, retired now for 12 years there has been a lot of species to see and learn. 
This plant is the Barren Strawberry: Potentilla sterelis.  So called as the ripe fruits do not become fleshy and red.  source; The Wild Flower Key.

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