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Saturday, 20 February 2016

Black-headed gulls, Common gulls, Tufted ducks and a cormorant in the Loder valley last week

Thirty or more gulls were lined up on the rails in the lake in the Loder valley, Wakehurst Place, ( last week.  Most look like black-headed gulls in various stages of transformation to their summer black headed plumage.  They have red legs.
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Common gulls have yellow/green legs and lack the dark spot behind the eyes of the Black-headed gulls.  They are normally slightly larger than Black-headed gulls as some examples here show.

Tufted ducks numbered perhaps twenty or so and a couple of Great-crested grebes, below, were around too.
Unusually no herons were seen and a drumming woodpecker flew off before I could get a picture.
A large herd of Roe deer were in an adjacent meadow.

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