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Monday, 25 January 2016

Yellow-legged gulls & a Harris's hawk in Madeira

The yellow-legged gull has only recently been recognised as a species in its own right, having previously been considered to be a race of herring gull.

Here are lots of these gulls in Madeira, photographed from the Cliff Bay Hotel  -- an outstanding hotel, where customers come back year after year.
 Reid's hotel is in the picture above, which is a little closer to Funchal.  However, the nearer you are to Funchal harbour, the greater the risk of choking pollution from the regularly visiting cruise liners.

Above, an immature gull flying in an updraft.

Unlike British seaside resorts you will not be pestered by gulls in the grounds of the Cliff Bay Hotel.  A Harris's hawk is regularly flown around the garden and is rather spectacular to watch.
 According to Carlos, the falconer, gulls are not a problem here because they get plenty of food from the fishing boats.

 And that would appear to be the case.

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