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Saturday, 3 October 2015

Common Darter dragonflies on Wolstonbury Hill, West Sussex, England in the South Downs today.

This species-rich dew pond in a site of special scientific interest was clattering with Sympetrum striolatum or Common Darter dragonflies this afternoon: at least four pairs flying around.  "Clattering" is the sound of their wings bashing around in the stillness of this tranquil setting of Wolstonbury Hill.
Here a male has grabbed a female behind its eyes and is flying in "the tandem" position.
Click on any picture to enlarge it.  See also a video of this all at and scrolll down

Having mated, tested the water and still in tandem the female deposits her eggs in the pond with a flicking motion
This pond is a haven for many species of Damselflies, Dragonflies and other insects.  
Best practice is to not encourage dogs to use it as a playground.

Nestling in this peaceful valley, this pond is a jewel of biodiversity and should be respected as such by all nature lovers and visitors.

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