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Sunday 2 August 2015

Beautiful butterflies in the Surrey Hills; Silver-washed fritillaries, Commas, Gatekeepers, Holly blues, Common blues, Brown argus, Peacocks, Brimstones, Whites, etc..

 This glade is managed by the Surrey Wildlife Trust. Yesterday the Nettle-leaved bellflowers were glorious.  Click on any picture to expand it.

 The Marjoram flowers were enjoyed by a host of butterflies -- a Peacock and Gatekeepers,
a Comma, Meadow brown and Gatekeeper.
 Silver-washed fritillaries.
 There are two Silver-washed fritillaries above -- one showing the underwing.
 Holly blue.
 Meadow brown with Psithyrus vestalis, a Cuckoo bee.
 A Comma.
 Large White.
 Common blue.
 Essex Skipper.
 Marbled white.
Green-veined white.
This is a great time of year to walk the hills and meadows of Surrey and enjoy the plethora insects and flowers.
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