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Thursday, 16 July 2015

The "Pride of Sussex" -- the County flower of Sussex, blooming now on the South Downs. And Pyramidal Orchids are at their prime as well.

 Hot, cloudy, breezy and humid conditions yesterday gave good light for photography but the wind was problematic. Somehow or other I managed to spend three hours taking hundreds of pictures of butterflies, grasshoppers & crickets and flowers.
It is lovely to see the Round-headed Rampion, the "Pride of Sussex" flowering again.
 Above with a Six-spot Burnet moth.

 A hazy view to Chanctonbury Hill with the occasional solitary raindrop hitting me from time to time.  There was no sustained rain though.  Too bad!

Pyramidal Orchids were in peak condition, below being a nectar source for a Marbled White butterfly.

The profusion of seeded Yellow Rattle and numerous other flowering plants is spectacular at the moment.
Listen and look carefully and you will also see Grasshoppers and Crickets.

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