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Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Some insects of the Sibillini hills in the Appenine Mountains of Italy

These pastures are higher than Ben Nevis with great views and insects.
A Clouded Yellow butterfly occasionally flew rapidly by, rarely posing like the one above.

Common Blue butterflies were just that -- common, if rather beaten up (above) and in better shape below.

A Wall butterfly.
Any ideas what this is?

This might be a Brown Mountain Grasshopper.
Above has blue flash colours when it flies.  Sphingonotus caerulans perhaps.
Could these be Aiolopus thalassinus?  The male on top is much smaller than the female.

 This Bush Cricket was very much larger than the grasshoppers.

A red flash colour grasshopper Oedipoda germanica ?

Might this Cricket be a Wart-Biter?  Or perhaps it is a Great Green Bush-cricket.

A great thing about an HF holiday is that the leader takes care of the route so I can spend time photographing the wildlife.  Perfetto.  
Great walking country from our base in Nocia in Umbria.

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