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Sunday, 9 June 2013

Fly Orchids, Butterfly Orchids, Common-spotted Orchids, Twayblades & Early-purple Orchids on the South Downs today.

A Fly Orchid is above with a Butterfly Orchid out of focus in the background.  The location was too shaded and the weather too overcast to get a better shot today.
This one is a little clearer.

Another Butterfly Orchid on its own.

Common-spotted Orchids, above with a Twayblade, are just starting to open.

Another few days and the wild strawberries will be delicious.
A Butterfly Orchid with Twayblades.

A White Helleborine.
Some Twayblades.
What fun to be up in the hills today, despite the 30mph gusts from a cold northerly wind, which made photography a challenge.  I had to anticipate a lull in the wind and press the shutter when one hoped that the flower might stop waving around.  A few such attempts gave reasonable results under the circumstances.

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