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Tuesday, 7 December 2010

More frosty weather

Today's walk, from the Mid Sussex Ramblers' programme started at Ardingly reservoir.  There the frost had melted on the trees.  As we climbed only a few hundred feet higher towards Balcombe, we entered a still-freezing zone that was magical.
Frosted holly.
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How about this for an interested sky?
My meteorologist brother Rick, observed that "Looks like stratocumulus to me - a typical layer cloud. Vertical development is limited by a temperature inversion.
Generally the lines of cloud (called streets) will be at 90 degress with the wind direction.
The bends in the lines are probably caused by orographic effects - surface physical features like hills.
Hope this helps."
Thanks Rick.  I'm not quite sure what an orographic effect is but the sky looks impressive. 
 Underneath the railway viaduct near Balcombe.

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