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Monday, 9 August 2010

The sexual acrobatics of Small white butterflies.

The tenacity of the Small white butterfly is to be admired.
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An amorous pair settled on a sedum plant in my garden for this shot.  The male is on the right.  Males usually are aren't they.... right that is?
That's supposed to be a joke ladies!
My lens was a bit too close for comfort, it seemed and they flew off; still joined together.
The female decided that this seed head was a good perch and landed with the male in "the trapeze position".
With the lens just inches away, I went for a different angle.
Look no hands!  Then they went all shy and flew off again - still coupled the whole time - for about a 20 meters flight.
They alighted on the comfortable surface of a sunflower leaf, only to be disturbed once more by me.  I gave up the chase at this point when they flew off another 20 meters or more.  Little do they know that I shall scrape off their fertilized eggs from my brassicas with my thumbnail tomorrow.  But then I don't think they care too much about that.

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