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Sunday, 27 September 2009

Guests from Karlstadt welcomed by Cuckfield European Association

Cuckfield is twinned with Karlstadt in Germany.
Click here for info' on the Cuckfield European Association
On this day our trusting visitors embarked on a stroll with "Sussexrambler".
Here we all are leaving Exceat at the beginning of our walk.
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The weather was perfect for walking this area of outstanding natural beauty.
Here is a couple of young German beauties too.
The picture above was taken in May 2008 and is added just to show how unstable the chalk cliffs are after some harsh weather. Look at the massive cliff falls on the beach.
The support team from Cuckfield provided a magnificent lunch
for the multitude at East Dean at 1300hr.
To arrive (nearly) on time the walk was truncated.
Belle Tout lighthouse was dropped from the itinerary and instead sussexrambler
meandered the group across the Downs before Birling Gap to East Dean for lunch
and then on through Friston forest and back to Exceat via West Dean.

Just look how happy one can be, knowing that the end of the stroll is finally in sight.
Click on this picture to see the joy on our the faces!
My thanks are due to Dr. Franz Arand for kindly downloading the pictures from his camera
to my computer for me to add a few to this entry. Thank you Franz.
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Anonymous said...

Fantastisch Peter Danke Rudi

Sussexrambler said...

Thank you Rudi.
It was great fun. And what a lovely day - one to remember always

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