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Sunday, 26 July 2009

Lunchtime with spiders & wasps

A happy band of 14 Mid Sussex ramblers enjoyed a lunch break in the Loder Valley Nature reserve. By popular request a leisurely 30 minutes was allocated, during which I spent some time in the flower rich meadow that you see above.
A fear of spiders is not uncommon, as is a dislike for wasps. For those who dislike spiders, you may now view wasps in a different light. Click on the pictures below to see a wasp making a meal of a spider before flying off with it. Mmmm yummy! I did taste a flying ant last week just for interest sake but for my taste it was a bit too acidic to enjoy a second one.

This wasp seemed to quickly decapitate the spider and make off with it. One can marvel at such violence on a Rambers' walk as this public execution.

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