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Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Every walk's a winner with Honest John

John lead this lovely 10 miles walk for the Mid Sussex Ramblers starting from Selhurst Park near Goodwood.
The weather was perfect for walking and butterflies were abundant, especially large whites above. It was a great day for a flutter -- for insects and punters. And John lead us expertly to watch glorious Goodwood (see blog entry below).
Hover fly on a teasel.
Large white butterfly

Gatekeeper butterfly.
View to East Dean in West Sussex.
A male common blue butterfly.

This looks lie a pyramidal orchid.

Red admiral
Swathes of wild flowers including Great Mulleins.

Silver-washed fritillary above.
And a High brown fritillary.
There were also lots of painted lady butterflies.
Thanks John for a great walk.

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