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Tuesday, 11 December 2007

More path clearing of High Weald Landscape Trail

The brambles are thicker than your thumb at this point, west of New England Wood near Cuckfield on the High Weald Landscape Trail. They were obstructing the path and on several occasions during the summer, I cut them back.

Now this winter a more permanent solution has been achieved. Using tree loppers (seen in the foreground), I lopped the monster stems at ground level. This is bloody, unglamorous work. Next Spring the benefits should become clear, when I expect to be able to smash back the dead and drying bramble stems and easily? control newly emerging stems. We shall see! For comparison, you can see what the path looked like earlier this year. That was before I cleared thousands of bracken stems, on the very first entry on this blog. You will need to scroll to the archive list at the bottom of this page should you wish to see it.

This once hopelessly overgrown path, used to be difficult to walk. Now it is getting like a municipal park. I'll be planting wild flower beds next....... now there's an idea!

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