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Sunday 11 November 2007

Remembrance Day walk in Ashdown Forest

It was grey and drizzling as we were lead by Tony Osmand to the Remembrance Day ceremony at "The Airman's Grave".
Hundreds of other people also converged on the memorial for the brief and very moving ceremony of remembrance for the 6 man crew of the Wellington Bomber, which crashed here on return from a raid on Koeln on 31st July 1941. Click on the pictures to expand them.

A lot of people were already gathered around the memorial on the other side of the valley as we approached.
As you can see, they came in droves.

The panorama picture, above left? depending on your monitor, is more than 180 degrees. You need to click on it to appreciate it. And all the other pic's too!

Don't do this at home!


Anonymous said...

Well done Peter - excellent, and a very fast posting too
A good selection of pictures I am sure of great interest to those who are unaware that such an event takes place -
thank you

Anonymous said...

Great pictures- not sure about the ditch crossing- some sort of SAS training for the over 21's ??


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