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Thursday, 8 November 2007

More great Mid Sussex Ramblers walks; Francis & Aliens

This was a figure of eight walk; 5miles plus 5 miles lead by Francis. Right is the panoramic view from near the Jack and Jill windmills. Click to expand the panorama. (Autostitch software seems to have "stitched up" the central figure; perhaps they moved from one shot to the next!)
What a horror!
To me, it looks like this dew pond is full of Parrot's feather -- an alien invader, which is doing to Sussex eutrophic waters what Japanese knot weed and Rhododendrons are doing to other habitats. Ugh!
See for the full horror story
The second, afternoon 5 miles sounded great. Yet walking with ex-colleague Mark Howarth and putting the business-world to rights in The Hassocks Hotel had a greater draw for us after lunch. Thanks to Francis for a great walk, even if we only did half.

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