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Sunday, 7 October 2007

Sunday 7 October 2007. Pooh & Hartfield circular 8 miles "The Pooh Walk" lead by Ray and Alison

It was a misty morning as we set off from Gill's Lap car park in Ashdown Forest on a mission to rejuvenate our memories of Winnie the Pooh.

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Ray and Alison lead us to Pooh Bridge, where the game of Pooh sticks was played once again. This being a game for children of all ages!

The despair when one's Pooh stick fails to emerge!

Ray & Alison plus "Sussexrambler" surrounded by "Sussexbeauties"

Possibly the only footpath sign in Sussex with Japanese writing.


Views of Hartfield church, built around the middle of the 13th century. Info' source; Ray's notes which he generously prepares and hands out to the walkers. Click on the pictures to expand and scroll across.

HIGH NOON... East of Hartfield!
The Caterpillar Walking Club are marching meaningfully across the meadow!
The Mid Sussex Ramblers boldly approach...

Will the approaching clubbers unleash their dogs?

Will their notoriously friendly border collies round up the defenceless Mid Sussex flock?
Courageous news reporter, SussexRambler is keeping well back to observe the unfolding situation from afar!

The parties march boldly onwards, getting ever closer!

...ending in cordial greetings between like-minded folk.

Later on, Piglet is bigger than I imagined.

A welcome 5 star refreshment break in Five Hundred Acre Wood on fine English oak furniture.

Approaching Eeyore's sad and gloomy place.

The two Alisons admiring holly berries.

And to end a great day's walking what better than a pint of English bitter in the company of our charming leaders?

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