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Thursday, 17 June 2021

Native orchids of Sussex; Bee orchids, Frog orchids, Common-spotted orchids, Fragrant orchids on Tuesday 15 June 2021


When looking to photograph wildlife it helps to have good eyesight and a few friends.  Thus, at this site it was William who spotted this beautiful Bee orchid after I had walked past it.

Mike and Janice completed a quartet of naturalists keen to take time to enjoy and photograph the wonderful plants and animals on this warm June day.  The next few blog entries will show our findings; starting now with orchids.

Bee' and Common-spotted orchids.

And again it was William who spotted these, otherwise elusive, Frog orchids: one of which is a hybrid with Common-spotted orchid possibly, being pink and with whorls of colour on the lip.

Fragrant orchid just opening.  

Common-spotted and Frog orchids with Bird's-foot trefoil, "eggs and "bacon", a food plant for Common blue, Green Hairstreak and Dingy Skipper butterflies.

Subsequent posts will show some of the other plants and insects found this day. 
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