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Friday, 24 November 2017

Redwing and nine other bird species in my Cuckfield garden, West Sussex, UK, this morning.

Self-sown hazel bushes got too large and have just been coppiced in my garden.
Honeysuckle and a massive rambling rose have also been cut right back.  Despite such work the bird life at 08.00hr this morning was superb -- taken from inside my house.
 A nuthatch
 A male blackcap

 A song thrush

 A redwing stopped briefly in an ornamental cherry tree.

 Blue tit


 Male blackbird eating fallen apples in the back garden.
 wood pigeon
 Female blackbird on the neighbour's roof. 
 Great tit visiting an "amour-plated" bird box.

 Green woodpecker in the back garden.
 Having a rest.
 Eating the fallen apples.

What a joy to see these birds.  After living here now for more than 29 years, this garden has been tended for the encouragement of wildlife.  The results are very pleasing and are the subject of a new talk The evolution of a formal garden to a nature reserve  Click the link to go to for more information on this talk, which could be of interest to Garden and Horticultural Societies and anyone interested in wildlife in general.
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