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Saturday, 28 July 2007

A fun pull on a Saturday morning

Ragwort destroys the liver of herbivores and hay containing it is toxic to livestock. So it must be removed from hay meadows if the hay is to be of use for fodder.

The Friends of Blunts Woods and Paiges Meadows were on the pull on Saturday 21st July in a conservation party of just four volunteers. There were hundreds of plants to remove by tugging them out -- roots and all. Although the torrential rains the previous day had soaked the ground thoroughly, it was hard but satisfying work.

Here is the happy author smiling in front of the cleared meadow after more than 3 hours of tugging.

The work would have been easier with more volunteers. Budding conservationists are urged to join us for the next Ragwort clearing day on Saturday 25th August 2007. Meet us in the car park in Blunts Wood Crescent, Haywards Heath at 9.00am, or you could join us later if you wished.

Your assistance would be most welcomed!

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